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Hi I’m Michelle

Inspired by the love of training my own dogs I decided to become a dog trainer. After many years of practical experience and lots of courses, I qualified as an accredited dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and as a certified Pro Dog Trainer. Find out more about the IMDT here https://www.imdt.uk.com/

I’m a total dog geek and I love teaching people to train their dogs. Both ends of the lead are important.

It was my lovely Lilly and Millie that set me on this path. I joined a great training class with them as young dogs and was hooked and then when Freddie came along too I knew that becoming a trainer was the dream for me.

Freddie is my superhero and if I can help you train your dog with as much fun, joy and success that I’ve had with him I know you’ll love training your dogs the same way. So come on in and join the fun!

Ready To Train?

Have fun training with your dog and see the benefits for them and for you. You are at the other end of the lead, you are partners in this together. Grow your relationship and live the best life

Freddie and Friends Michelle and Freddie Walking
Freddie and Friends How I Can Help

Why Train With Freddie and Friends?

I am just like you. I have dogs of my own and they are not robots. We all have areas we would like to work on with our dogs and I’m no different.

Freddie and Friends can help you to train your dog. Turn training struggles into strengths and see real life training results. I want you to have fun while training and for you to do the things you always dreamt of doing when you got a dog. Lets see it as less training and more of a lifestyle.

How did you imagine life would be when you got your dog?

If you imagined stress free off lead walks, enjoyable on lead walks, trips to the pub, walks with friends and a dog that settled in the house no matter what the distraction and that’s not quite your reality at the moment games based training can help you.

If you’ve got a puppy and you want to start them off on the right path or an adolescent that might have a few struggles then games based training is for you and your dog.

If you need to go back to basics with an adult or rescue dog then games will be great for you too. All to often dogs come into new homes and the relationship isn’t built up first which can result in some training struggles.

If you have a senior dog that’s maybe not getting as many walks as in their younger days, or might be less mobile than they used to be then games are there for them too. I have a passion for senior dogs and helping them to live long fulfilling lives. Check out our Super Seniors course.

Of course, you might not have any training struggles and just want to grow and maintain the relationship you have with your dog. There are games and training for you too. Come and have fun with your dog its great for them and great for you too!

Freddie and Friends Ethos

I am proud to be an accredited dog trainer with The Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers and a certified Pro Dog Trainer

“I have nothing but praise for Michelle, Mollie absolutely loved her walks with Freddie and the gang. Michelle is very caring and extremely capable with the dogs. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Superstar” 🐶

— Sue and Mollie

Freddie and Friends is an absolutely amazing service. Michelle is so dedicated to animals and we’re sure our dogs would actually leave us to live with her and Freddie! Thank you so much for everything you do for us.

Victoria and gang

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Freddie and Friends

Its all about having the best life together with your dog


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Weekends by appointment only


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