A huge part of getting a new puppy is taking them to a training class. It’s as much for your benefit as it is for theirs. They get to see other dogs and people in a new environment and you get to learn how to train them and speak to others in the same new puppy bubble as you. You bond with the other owners over sleepless nights and toilet training just like those with human babies do.

One thing that has come from the current Covid-19 situation is that many businesses have taken their work online. I’ve done yoga classes and dog training classes with my own dogs, friends have done book clubs, craft activities and a whole host of kids activities.

With the help of technology these businesses like mine have still been able to provide the same great service but in slightly a different way. I know so many people who are enjoying this both business owners and their clients.

For many dog trainers this has saved their businesses and in fact opened up new opportunities. For me at Freddie and Friends its enabled me to offer training remotely while still maintaining that important contact with clients. I am still able to teach you and in fact its proven that for many dogs it suited them better than just face to face classes alone

The benefits of training online

  • Train at a time that suits you and your dog. Some classes are live but some you can catch up on.
  • Train from the day your dog arrives home
  • Get feedback from your trainer in live classes and by sharing videos
  • Re watch videos again and again and keep courses that are lifetime access
  • Ideal for nervous, reactive or new rescue dogs that may be anxious attending classes initially
  • Training from the day you get your dog can be beneficial to the bond they form with you
  • Fewer distractions in a familiar environment making learning new things easier for you and them
  • Much more focus on you
  • Young puppies can stay warm at home and don’t have to travel to classes

Once government guidelines allow classes to be run again I like many other trainers want to provide the perfect fusion of both online and in person classes as both have their advantages.

Don’t be daunted

If even the thought of training online makes you not want to do it I’m here to tell you I was daunted too. I’m not a massive fan of technology and having to change how you work is strange at first but it really works and its been so much fun. Nobody is looking at how tidy your house is and the kids bursting in the room mid session isn’t a problem. Its real life and its the perfect environment to train in.

All you need is a laptop, tablet or phone, internet access and a small space so I can see you and your dog. I can talk you through the how to and off we go.

Is good for you lets face it we need something fun to do, good for your dog and when we come out the other side of this crazy time your dog will be ready for a world of fun rather than struggling with the world around them.

To find out more and to start training today go to www.freddieandfriends.co.uk

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