Picture this….

Your dog is in the garden and you don’t notice that the gate is open!! They spot a Squirrel (insert other exciting distraction for your dog here).

What happens now? If the Squirrel runs and they chase after it, it could end in disaster. Cars are going past in the street and you’ve only got a split second to do something.

So you call your dog. You call them and amazingly, they turn to you. It looks like that training is paying off. You’re so happy and relieved to see them sprinting back to you.

When they get to you, you reach into your treat bag and you pull out a piece of brown kibble or other brown biscuit. You give it to your dog, tell them they’re good and that’s that. Job done and disaster avoided.


Was that reward experience worth it for your dog? Could it have been better? Was it a rewarding experience at all? They could’ve done the thing they really valued (chasing the Squirrel) BUT they chose to head back to you when called. Was the chance of a chase rewarded with something equally as fun? Well, not really it was a piece of kibble/a brown treat and that’s it!!

If that’s as good as recall gets, they might think twice next time and go for the greater reward experience instead.

Recall needs to be as exciting to our dogs as the greatest experiences that the environment gives them. The Squirrel shakes its tail, it dashes towards dogs, dashes away from them, runs up trees and along fences. All of that experience and they don’t even get a taste at the end of it just shows that its all about the experience they get.

The good news is we can do something about it.

So what do we do?

We play games!!!!!!! There are so many games that can give our dogs rewarding experiences. Each time they are called back we can be as fun and unpredictable as the Squirrel. If the fun is WITH us your dogs focus, recall and even loose lead walking will be supercharged!!

One game that will turn your reward experience from boring to brilliant is TORNADO!!! So grab some food, your dog and follow this link to play >>> https://youtu.be/Ayk5vsP6w4U

We’d love to see you play this so tag us in your videos @freddieandfriends9 on Facebook or @freddieandfriendswalktrainplay on Instagram

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