I was recently in a Pet Business Challenge group on Facebook and was loving delving into all the different pet businesses and what they offered that are different from mine. I very quickly spotted a product that I just knew I needed and I knew that I could share with all of my training students and fellow dog lovers.

Freddie recommends the Bonus Dog

simple and no mess

The Bonus Dog Treat is a super simple, quick way of rewarding your dog. Even better, you can clip it to your jeans, treat bag or lead and never again have to search your pockets for treats. That’s right, its on an extendable cord so it just hangs there until you need it. You just fill it up, close the lid and off you go.

I don’t know about you but most of my coats have a crumb pocket!! I’ve got plenty of treat bags so that doesn’t have to happen but very often I shove a few treats in my pocket, leaving pocket crumbs behind!! Well now I’m using this treat tube my pockets have been saved.

When rewarding our dogs we want to do it pretty soon after they’ve done what we wanted them to do. Leaving it longer can mean that we are in fact rewarding something else. Take a sit for example. Our dogs sit, we mark that sit with a “YES” and then we reward. If we take too long rummaging for that reward we could actually be rewarding them now standing or looking the other way. So timing is everything and the Bonus Dog Treats allows that swift reward delivery.

Be creative with your dogs rewards

Creative fillings

I love that it’s visual for dogs and that you can put anything wet into it. I’m a huge believer in knowing what you’re putting into your dogs when it comes to food so this is perfect for me. So far I’ve filled the Bonus dog with Yogurt, Chicken, blended veg and bone broth and I’m looking forward to trying out more things. It’s perfect for training out and about and the ideal reward dispenser when teaching your dog recall. Freddie and Friends is running lots of 3 Week Recall Challenges this year and I’ll be sharing Bonus Dog with all my students.

The small tube costs £6.99 and there is also a larger tube which has just been released and costs £8.99. If you want to supercharge your dogs training, get yourself a Bonus Dog and your dog will love you for it.

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