A few months ago I heard there was going to be a new enclosed dog field opening locally to me. Each time I hear of any of these fields opening locally I always go and give them a go so that I can then tell people what I thought of them when I’m asked.

I see lots of dogs each week so to recommend something it’s important to me that I’ve been there or tried the product. I’m very happy to say that not only did I love Outward Hounds but the dogs had the BEST time. They loved the long grass and short grass areas, the agility equipment, running with me and the sandpit.

I don’t know who had more fun, me or the dogs 🙂

You pre book a time slot on their website and then just go along at the time. A great thing is that once its your time to go in you can drive your car inside the field gates so it’s super safe. Weekends get very full so I’d definitely book in advance when you can

Dog trainer

For me as a dog trainer I love that people are able to go along with their dogs and practice recall and do some training in a place where their dogs are safe to be off lead. This gives you a really good idea of where you are at the moment with your recall, before you give it a try out in the real world. I’m currently offering recall 121’s and workshops where I recommend heading here between training sessions to practice. Lots of dogs are doing great and owners are loving practicing somewhere they can focus on their dogs without having to worry about other dogs running up to them

Fun and safe

I know lots of dogs that are always kept on lead when out and about or might be muzzled for a number of different reasons. This field gives their owners an opportunity to let their dogs run free in a place where they can relax too, just watching their dogs having fun. For me when I’m out walking my own dogs or other peoples dogs I’m always carrying my bag full of dog essentials, a panic alarm, a stick and loads of other bits to. To come here, park inside the gates and just run free together is so nice. I didn’t have to watch for other dogs or people we could be in the moment and enjoy the time playing and training together.

This field ticks so many boxes for so many dogs and owners and I have already recommended it to so many training clients. That reminds me I better book in myself!!

Check out their website and go and have some fun with your dogs www.outward-hounds.co.uk

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