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Are you and your dog ready for the Sexier Than A Squirrel Challennge?

As a Pro Dog Trainer I’ve teamed with Absolute Dogs to bring you the Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge.

Learn how to teach your dog to find you more exciting than distractions happening around them.

From dogs that chase, bark and lunge to those that get excited, run up to other perople and seem to go deaf when you want to put them back on lead. This is for YOU!!!

25 days of video tuition

Join a community worldwide that are supercharging the relationship with their dogs


Sexier than a Squirrel course logo

What’s the Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge?

The Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge is a fantastic online training programme that teaches you how to get great focusrecall and  loose lead walking from your dog and how to become sexier than that squirrel!

For only £27 you get life-time access so can watch and play over and over. With support from a worldwide community join thousands of other people and have fun training with games. 

What do you get?

  1. 25 Days of Video Tuition filmed by Absolute Dogs. This can also be done at your own pace, the videos will be there waiting for you.
  2. 25 Step-by-Step training GAMES to make your dog owning Stress-Free!
  3. Exclusive Facebook Group Community & Live Teaching
  4. The 25 Day Downloadable Challenge Calendar to tick off each day when you have played the game

How to get started

  1. After purchasing, check your email for login details from Absolute Dogs.
  2. Using the login details from the email, go to the Absolute Dogs’ website to access the training videos.
  3. Start the daily challenges and have fun!!!

Lifetime Access To The Course

This training programme perfectly compliments the games based training approach here at Freddie and Friends. We believe in a fusion of training with both online and in person training.

Sexier than a Squirrel - What you get
Sexier than a Squirrel - How it works

Our Favourite Games


Orientation Games - to increase your dog’s desire to CHOOSE YOU over anything else.


Proximity Games -Imagine walks where your dog doesn't want to leave your side, not even for that jogger that just ran by, looking like the perfect distraction to chase or say hi to


Conversation Starters - These games look at your dog being in the right frame of mind before you head off on a walk or when you get to a new environment. Grow easy, no pressure focus and enjoy the walks you always dreamed of

My dog used to spend most of the walk looking at everyone but me!! After playing these games she turns to me and our walks are so much more enjoyable.

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