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 Training Classes In Madeley and whitmore

Freddie and Friends Games Based Training classes are the most fun you and your dog will have!

From puppies to seniors and everything in between, Freddie and Friends has got you covered

Train in a relaxed, no pressure environment and see results that will work in real life, day to day situations.

Groups are always kept small so you get plenty of trainer attention and feedback.

Turn your dog training struggles into strengths and grow your relationship with your dog.

Training with games teaches and encourages your dog to think, to make good choices and to value working with you.

train with games

classes are so much fun. At freddie and friends, we believe that both ends of the lead are important so we aim for you to have as much fun as your dog

Life skills class
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Booking Classes And Finding Out What’s On


Head to our dedicated training page to find out what’s on and when. More classes are coming all the time so check back regularly.

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Puppies are amazing little sponges. They soak up so much learning in their first few months of life, so puppy classes are the perfect way to set them up for the best start possible. Lets teach them the skills they need to be confident and happy.

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A class for any age of dog to learn those vital skills that they need to live in a crazy, busy world. Skills will include settling on a mat, having a great recall, walking nicely on lead, being calm around other dogs, focusing on you and being confident and optimistic.

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We felt that our sper seniors out there weren’t often given the opportunities to have fun training once they reached a certain age. The training might need to be adapted to suit them but there is so much our seniors can do and keeping them physically and mentally active is great for their wellbeing and a long happy life. It also gives you the chance to spend some quality time with them.

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At Freddie and Friends we love teaching recall. To have your dog wanting to come back to you at speed is a great sight to see. If your recall seems non existent at the moment, needs a bit of work or is great but you want to keep it that way then recall sessions are for you. with recall 121’s and recall workshops there is something to suit all

How I Can Help You | Training Class Benefits

Training your dog doesn’t need be a chore and at Freddie and Friends we believe that it can be as beneficial and fun for you as it is for your dog. Enjoy some time with your dog and grow your relationship through training games.

Small Groups

Small groups means you and your dog get lots of trainer attention.

Relaxed Class Environment

Train in a fun, no pressure environment. Get the training results you’re looking for while still having a great time with your dog.

Training That Works In Real Life

Games based training classes will help you to teach your dog how to thrive in the real world.

Supercharge your relationship

Training classes will help you build an amazing bond with your dog. You will have a more focused dog and a dog that chooses you over distractions in the environment.

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