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Workshops are a chance for a deep dive into a particular area of training. Learn the What, Why and How and supercharge your training.

Workshops can be anything from an hour right up to a couple of days of training depending on the topic. They are a great idea to get introduced to a particular area of training such as Recall, Loose Lead walking or Focus and can really focus in on the what, why and how of a topic.

At Freddie and Friends we love workshops and have been running some really fun ones. Summer 2021 saw us run an amazing Summer School with different themed session running each week. When workshops are available you’ll find them by clicking below, where you will be taken to our dedicated training page to book

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Recall is one of the most important things you can teach your dog and is the key to safe and successful off lead freedom. Our 3 week recall challenge workshops run throughout thee year either indoors or outdoors and provide you with those important foundations to strart your dogs recall off, to get recall back on track or to keep it topped up. Follow the link to our booking site below to book your spot on our next 3 Week Recall Challenge.

To view workshops currently available and to book click here or follow the link below.

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Focus is the very foundation of dog training. Without it, it makes everything much more difficult. Just think, if they’re not looking at you they’re probably not listening to you either!! Come and find out how to supercharge your dogs focus so that you become more exciting than what’s going on around them

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We love recall and want to share our love for it with dogs and their owners everywhere. Find out what recall is, why you need it and how to get it.

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Loose Lead Walking

We have a dog with the dream of enjoying long joyful walks. Sometimes that isn’t the reality we might be facing so this workshop is a lets strip walking back to basics and start over with the what, why and how to get loose lead walking


What’s disengagement all about I hear you ask?? Disengagement is one of the greatest things you can teach your dog. It’s them having value and the ability to turn away from/disengage from a distraction and back to you. It’s essential for real life training success and this class will show you how to achieve this with your dog.

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